Our photoshoot with Athletes in Tuscany, wearing more and washing less

Polygiene Test Team 2016: Photography and fieldtesting in La Spezia, Italy

Gathering 6 athletes for a two day photography in La Spezia in Tuscany wearing garments and gear from various Polygiene Partners gave a lot of room for testing garments and gear intensively.

The first phase of the fieldtest was a photoshoot with photographer David Umberto Zappa with the challenging task to fit in multiple demanding sports and activities within these two days. When arriving to La Spezia, he welcomed us with the words ”Welcome to the rainiest place in Italy!”. La Spezia is a small naval city on the Tuscany coast line not far from the picturesque villages of Cinque Terre.

The area is notorious for it’s fast changes in weather and sees the biggest amount of rain in italy. The city is squeezed in between the ocean and the mountain range of the Apuan alps. Less well known than the Alps and the Abruzzi range, but even so reaches an impresive height of over 2 000 m above the sea. Welcome to the testteam and stay tuned for a full disclosure of this adventure with surroundings, tips of gear and activities in the area!The athletes and models in the photoshoot are the triathletes, Fransesca Ferlazzo, Enrico Ferlazzo, Fransesco Tongiani and Ella Mozzachiodi who also rides Mountainbike. The climbers in the team are Selene Riga and Andrea Musetti. Last but not least we have the cyclist Fransesca Stefani.

Some of our Partner brands that where part of this field test:

Patagonia, Dcore, dhb, Danskin, POC, Nomad, Rab, Eddie Bauer, QÔRkit, Mountain Equipment, Dakine and Athleta.